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Metal General.

Post albums/demos/EPs you enjoy edition. I'll kick off with some god-tier Swedish BM:

Dawn - Slaughtersun (Crown of The Triarchy)
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ITT: asses you want to eat
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???????-???? ??????????? ????????, ????????, ???????? ??? ? ????? ???????. In democration America nobody know who we are, LiL)
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Alright faggots do you release your e-brake before you start your car or after? Which is correct?
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so my fake account was messaged by a girl.
i usually add all the girls i can and snoop pics.

what the hell do i do now.
never expected this.
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any Funcummer on /b/ today?

since I was about 12, I've been able to just cum so hard when im having fun and laughing with friends.

Have no interest in girls or sex at all

gotten to the point where you would never know looking at me, but during a big laugh or something ill be cumming so fucking hard

I have to wear adult diapers now as sometimes It can happen up to 5 times a night when im out
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How often does /b/ fap?
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Anyone who could help me and my family get a proper christmas? I am in deep trouble guys. Need like 30000€ to get out of my financial situation and be able to get things on track again. Anything would help so if there is anyone with christmas spirit send something to my PayPal this is a long shot but i really hope someone can help me. I fucked up my mothers economy plus my own. We are already 3 persons living in a small apartment. Then i got to know that my wife was pregnant with child number 2 and then we got to know the child in her stomach is sick and i panicked alot and started gambling not just because the child was sick but also for our lousy home. Got alot of pressure on me now sometime i think of the easy way out but got my child and he is the world to me. Please someone help
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YLYL thread
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