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This is a mirror of a NSFW data dump. None of the data displayed is mine. Be warned.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this? This is a static mirror of bui's defunct archive. It went down in 2013 after around a month of archiving. Info on why he shut it down can be found on >>>/b/page/7 (Direct linking is broken o_0)

Why are you doing this? I thought that it would be nice to utilize bui's data dump that has been archived. Nobody has recreated the archive yet, so I thought it would be a fun side-project for my free time.

I found something illegal! We want this archive to stay alive, so if you do find something that violates US law, or anything else that needs to be taken down, use /bui/ (or whatever I call the meta board) and/or the reports system. I will also be creating an email address for reports.

Why isn't this archived by Google? Google has a way of drawing unnecessary attention to small websites. Not only can this site not handle a ton of traffic, but a large search engine presence will result in spamming and the downfall of this site.

What is this archive hosted on? Thank you for asking! I use a Microsoft Azure server running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. It has 14GB RAM, and 100GB SSD. I have no clue about the CPU configuration.

Why don't you host full images? Bui's original image dump was 167GB ~~compressed~~. I had enough difficulty managing storage with adding search alone. Thumbnails are the best I can do.

Why isn't ghost posting enabled? I hate spam, but I hate reCAPATCHA even more. So for the time being, to save server resources, posting on /b/ is disabled. The archive will remain as-is.

How long will this archive stay running for? The server is hosted by Microsoft in an availability set, so dataloss is highly unlikely. My subscription expires in 2018(?), so the archive will remain up until then. If I can't find somebody to pass the updated data to, the archive will die past then.

How can I contact you? If I ever decide to put my contact info here, you can reach me then.